The ‘Edge’ of Leather

Let’s face it. Very rarely you’ll see a woman dressed to impress with a bowtie. It’s not necessarily something marketed to the ladies of the world…not to mention at times it’s viewed as something only men wear. But there is a way to incorporate this cool accessory into a wonderful wardrobe. The simplest way is to experiment with the ultra-fabric-neutral, leather.


We say neutral because leather can be jumbled into anything whatsoever. Think of a leather jacket and the gazillion ways you can add it to any item of clothing. That’s how easy it is to add a leather bowtie to the mix.


Exhibit A: a wonderful spring/summer blouse with flowers and polka dots galore (as seen in the cool illustration above). This type of light and airy fabric is the perfect piece to pair with a suede bowtie, mainly because suede has a softness to it that won’t add a hardened edge to something so vibrant. One can even play with the color of the bowtie here, complementing the print.


Exhibit B. Ruffles! This is where we tone down the oomph with one simple step; adding a bowtie. The shirt can even be a tuxedo style, something that brings in a little texture therefore making the bowtie the ‘edge’. This if for the women who don’t necessarily want to play with prints but instead prefer a more sophisticated look minus the ‘papow’! It’s a great way to bring a little fun into the world of leather bowties by adding some cool dimensions.


Exhibit C. Last but not least. If you’re not into prints or not a fan of textures either, a leather bowtie is a great way to add some edge to an office or daytime to night-time look. If you actually liked the two exhibits above but are new to the bowtie game, this is also where experimentation comes in. It’s the easiest way! Do a black and white ensemble with leather or try adding some color to a black leather bowtie…either way, you can’t go wrong.


For real, you can’t go wrong. Yes, leather bowties may be unchartered territory for most, but if you have a blouse there is no reason why you should shy away from testing the fashion waters. It’s biker week this month, so why not get your biker chic on and start with a leather bowtie and see where it takes you.

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