NY Fashion Week: Menswear 2017 Flashback

NYFW menswear for fall 2017 featured lots of vibrant prints and colors, which was quite refreshing. We however, loved the more ‘subdued’ looks that had hints of intrigue throughout where one could easily add a tie or bowtie for an extra oomph. Perfect examples; mixed plaids, (reminiscent of our women’s looks last week) mixed with textured sweaters from Stella McCartney, are all asking for a sweet yet simple bowtie. Or, the deep monotones like Bottega Venetta’s marroon or Belstaff’s olive and denim looks, make it easy to add a touch of vibrancy or texture at any time. Add that to J. Crew’s perfect mix of stripes or a sultry velvet blazer that would both be even cooler with a lush slab tie. Whatever the look may be, they all make it pretty easy for one to shop just in time for fall and all of it’s layered fashion glory!

Sidenote: Men, how about we get on those joggers for fall? Your inspiration for looks is above.

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