It’s Not Just A Tie For Father’s Day

The month of June brings forth a lot of things to be grateful for. For example, this month holds the NBA finals and the first day of summer. What we’re most happy for and the reason why we’re here today is that June is the month we celebrate our Dads. Yup, Father’s Day is only a few days away. And yes, you may have purchased, or made, the gift to give to the man who provided lots of guidance in life but we wanted to sprinkle a bit of style inspiration this week as we lead up to Sunday.

It’s no secret that we at Pen & Cob love to switch things up when it comes to bowties. However, we’ve rarely taken a moment to ‘big up’ the other main attraction, the simple, yet sophisticated tie. You may think it is a bit cliché for Father’s Day, but before you close the window, think about how a funky, colorful and vibrant tie can spruce up any old outfit. For example, a bright-colored abstract print with a slight sheen, can make your Dad a showstopper when paired with a plain textured shirt. FYI, the shirt can be short sleeved or long sleeved too, which makes it even better. Or how about a floral tie, kind of like a silk brocade that can be worn with that linen suit Dad has hiding in the closet for the perfect summer Sunday. Last but not least, one doesn’t always have to reach for vibrancy, but instead a tie with a touch of texture that may seem ‘Modest’ but it’s an easy go-to for mixing prints. The possibilities are endless.

So if you are still trying to find the perfect gift, remember a tie doesn’t have to be cliché, but instead a cool way to switch things up…if you’re up for the style risk. Remember, there comes a time when the children become teachers!

For the fathers, the men who are like fathers and the ones who are about to become fathers…Happy Father’s Day from the team at Pen & Cob.

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