National Bike to Work Day 2017


The month of May is National Bike Month and National Bike to Work Day takes place today, Friday May 19th, the third Friday in May. A little history, National Bike to Work Day originated in 1955 by the League of American Bicyclists and is endorsed by the American Medical Association. This day not only promotes, health but it saves the environment and our pockets too…what more could we ask for!

With the weather now warmer and the rains starting to subside, where possible, get out, hop and a bike and get your commute on. For those who worry about cycling gear..Not to Worry…the only gear necessary is your look for the day (including your best accessories…aka..tie/bow tie) and yes ladies you can wear those heels too…just don’t forget your helmet…we need to be styled but safe.

So go celebrate Bike to Work Day- Get a group of friends to do it too- from car pool to bike pool. For those that a bike ride to work is just not possible, plan a trip this weekend on a bike-back to a beautiful place.



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