There was always a pull for Katherine & Lubens to do something outside their corporate jobs that would be more fulfilling. With a mutual admiration for each other’s bold style, personality and professionalism, a friendship flourished. With a shared vision and drive to have an outlet for their creativity and creating opportunities for others within their local community, Pen and Cob was created. In 2016, Kathy and Lubens designed their first Pen & Cob collection in Brooklyn, NY.


As an homage to those bold individuals who embody the Swan’s symbolism of grace and sophistication in their style and artistic sensibilities, the name Pen & Cob was born. Our collections are created specifically for men and women who are passionate about style that vibrantly expresses their individualism and creativity.


Pen & Cob collections are handmade in New York City. We take pride in the many cultures, styles and artistic expressions that represent the flavor of our hometown. Our commitment is that each item bearing the Pen & Cob label has been designed and made with this pride at heart. We set out to manufacture the highest quality accessories using premium fabrics that pass the rigorous selection process we require before they can bear the Pen & Cob label.